Zane Gonzalez is going to get picked way too early in the 2017 NFL draft

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Lets get one thing out of the way: Zane Gonzalez is a really good kicker. He may even be the top prospect at the position since Sebastian Janikowski. And that means that like Janikowski and Roberto Aguayo, Gonzalez is probably about to be picked laughably early.

It used to be common practice to take a kicker relatively early in the NFL draft. In the 14 drafts between 1986 and 1999, there were nine kickers drafted in the first three rounds, and then the Oakland Raiders topped everybody by taking Janikowski at No. 17 overall in 2000.

Tabors size is ideal for the position, but its his ability to leverage his frame into an advantage by using proper technique that makes the former Gator special. A twitchyplayer in coverage, Tabor has quick feet and the recovery speed necessary to play an aggressive style of defense.

Part of what makes the cornerback such a technician is his mental processing ability — Tabor is a patient player, and he has the closing burst necessary to contest passes at a high level. These traits are what help make Tabor such an excellent press corner – hes content to mirror opponents and let routes develop, but also instinctive to make plays on the ball and agile enough to recover should he guess wrong.
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Tabors 28 passes defensed, eight interceptions and three defensive touchdowns are impressive, but whats even more so is the fact that Tabor manages to play such an aggressive style while maintaining discipline. Tabor wasnt penalized often — he was only flagged six times over the past three seasons, with three of those coming in a single game — and, per Pro Football Focus, only allowed two touchdowns in his three seasons.