Edinson Volquez hopes ‘justice is served’ in brother’s murder

Edinson Volquez received the tragic news Monday that his brother, Brandy, was killed in their native Dominican Republic.

The Marlins pitcher told reporters he hopes justice is served for his brother’s death.

The incident, captured in a graphic video, pushed many teams to take Mixon off their draft boards. He was considered to have first-round talent but slid to the draft’s second day.

Bengals owner Mike Brown defended the choice, and now Mixon will join more than three dozen other rookies at the L.A. event at which, according to the NFLPA, More than 20 NFLPA business partners will be on site to engage with the latest group of promising NFL stars to create unique brand content, secure endorsement deals and promote licensed products through group player rights.

The Rookie Premiere runs Thursday through Saturday and will help the rookies learn the business of football, the NFLPA says.
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The change to replay review would reportedly give managers 30 seconds to decide whether to challenge a call on the field, the USA Today report says, citing unnamed sources. If a challenge is made, umpires would have just two minutes to determine whether the call should be overturned or confirmed.

The policy change would need the approval of MLB clubs before taking effect, USA Today reports.

In addition to the proposed replay change, Manfred and union head Tony Clark reportedly plan to meet with players to discuss more potential changes for 2018.

Authentic Youth Al Jefferson Jersey I hope we have a nice robust dialogue with the players. I hope they come forward with their ideas on what’s going to happen, Manfred said, according to USA Today. My biggest single hope is that we make an agreement for what we’re going to do in 2018.”

it’s shocking he lasted on the board beyond the top 10

When weighing his initial value to his team under a former safety in Bowles, Adams is in a great position to hold off any defensive tackles, edge rushers, linebackers or cornerbacks with a better overall rookie season. Given the fact only three second-rounders — all inside linebackers — have won DROY since 2000, Adams’ four toughest competitors will come from the 16 other defenders taken in the first round of ’17:

Garrett, the most talented player in the ’17 class, offensively or defensively, will get plenty of chances to wreak havoc off the edge, helped by the presence of teammate and outside playmaker in Jamie Collins. It just will be more difficult to deliver the necessary numbers and get enough attention for his rookie work.

Authentic Kids Jonathan Ogden Jersey If Adams was the No. 1 defensive back in the ’17 class, then consider Lattimore, the best corner, as the 1A, With his shutdown potential, it’s shocking he lasted on the board beyond the top 10. In the pass-happy NFC South, Lattimore will get plenty of chances to get the needed picks, a la Peters two years ago.

That hands-on background is quite a difference from Blandino’s. He joined the NFL as an intern in the officiating department after graduating from college and gradually worked his way through the ranks at the league office. That experience gave him years to get to know NFL coaches and front office members, and he became a high-profile figure in explaining officiating issues to the media and fans, accumulating more than 35,000 Twitter followers.
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It’s not clear whether the league will expect Riveron to be as public-facing as Blandino was, or whether he’ll focus more on the internal mechanics of the job.

Tony Romo fails to advance in U.S. Open qualifying with late triple-bogey

Tony Romo failed to advance Monday in his attempt to qualify for the 2017 U.S. Open in June at Erin Hills Golf Course.

Only seven players advanced from Romo’s qualifier, played at Split Rail Links and Golf Club just outside Dallas and featured a field of 117 players. The former Cowboys quarterback showed fight, but an untimely triple-bogey on the par-4 15th hole ended his chances to move on to the next round of qualifying.

Another cap and McCloughan’s game-day tan suit jacket were soon to follow, but this is no small-scale effort to make up for lost income. Jessica McCloughan told The Washington Post on Monday that the couple will give the proceeds from the eBay auctions to the Redskins Charitable Foundation.

Considering the ugliness that marked the last several weeks of McCloughan’s run in Washington, that’s quite a gesture.

“When it’s all said and done, Scot and I are still grateful that we were able to come here, so why not give back to the people that brought us here,” Jessica McCloughan told the Post. “The Charitable Foundation truly does a ton of stuff for kids in the D.C. area.”

The Patriots essentially used their second- and third-round draft picks to bolster their defensive line. They traded the former to Carolina for Ealy, a disappointing Panthers second-round pick from 2014. They used the latter on Rivers, a sleeper prospect from Youngstown State.

With Trey Flowers breaking out as a pass rusher late in 2016 and having a monster Super Bowl, it was easier for New England to let Jabaal Sheard leave to play 3-4 outside linebacker in Indianapolis. Ealy and Rivers are the usual body types from which they get the most in their edge rotation, a la Flowers and Rob Ninkovich before he moved to linebacker. With both Sheard and Chris Long gone, Ealy and Rivers are built to give the Patriots significantly more pop at end.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but the Royals are in serious trouble.

Memphis, though, has yet to see production from Chandler Parsons, who missed 48 games after signing a $94 million deal with the team over the summer and won’t play in this series. In the games he played, he averaged 6.2 points on 27 percent three-point shooting.

Nickell Robey Womens Jersey The talent disparity between the Spurs and Grizzlies is palpable. Leonard is a candidate for the league’s Most Valuable Player of the Year award. Aldridge is only two seasons removed from his glory days in Portland. They’ve got an aging but skilled Pau Gasol manning the middle, and the pieces around San Antonio’s core is functional enough to support their star power.

The Spurs also have the oracle of head coaches in Gregg Popovich, who’s won five championships since 1999. Aside from the difference in talent on the floor, it’s his wealth of experience that poses the biggest obstacle for the Grizzlies.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but the Royals are in serious trouble. They won on Monday, but that snapped a nine-game losing streak that has them comfortably in the AL Central’s cellar. While they are just 5.5 games back, as Royals Review points out, there are deeper issues here than just their record. The Royals have scored 69 runs — the next-lowest total in the league is 91, a tie between the A’s and Giants, both of whom also play in pitcher-friendly parks.
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They have the second-worst offense in the league according to OPS+, and worst in the AL. Their pitching isn’t bad, with the staff as a whole putting up a 102 ERA+ that’s right around the league average. It has been top-heavy to start the year, though, with Nathan Karns and Jason Hammel both imploding while only half the bullpen has been reliable to this point. They can probably bank on Karns and Hammel turning things around, but if Kansas City isn’t scoring runs, it’s not going to matter.

Disastrous public proposal leaves Fenway Park chanting ‘SHE SAID NO!’

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A public proposal at the Red Sox game on Sunday night turned into worst night on earth for one man. Just before 10 p.m., a fan decided to pop the question during a break, and you probably have guessed where this is going.

The scoreboard proposal at Fenway may have just gone awry. There was no hug, the camera cut away and the crowd groaned.

Red Sox officials confirmed a fan was ejected for throwing peanuts at Jones, per USA Today, and also said that they were investigating how many people security threw out of Fenway Park on Monday.

This isn’t the first time that a black MLB player has told reporters he heard racist taunts in Boston this year. David Price said in January that he heard taunts from Red Sox fans last season, which was his first with the team after signing a massive contract as a free agent in 2015.

Elite Womens Nene Jersey I got it all, Price said. It’s all right. I don’t care about that … I’ve heard that since I’ve been in school. There’s nothing you can say to me that I haven’t heard before. Your ignorance is not going to affect what I’m trying to do. But I feel sad it’s still out there.

On Monday, Jones said ejecting fans for abusing players on the field wasn’t strong enough punishment. What they need to do is that instead of kicking them out of the stadium, they need to fine them 10 grand, 20 grand, 30 grand, he said. Something that really hurts somebody. Make them pay in full.

The 31-year-old is at least off to a great start on the field. Even after going 0-for-4 in a 5-2 win over the Red Sox on Monday, Jones is batting .309/.369/.479 with four doubles and four home runs through 24 games this season.

Steve Ballmer’s reaction to a Joe Johnson dagger was priceless

The first-round series between the Jazz and the Clippers has provided plenty of excitement and plenty of Joe Johnson heroics. He hit a game winner in Game 1 and he was huge in Game 3 as well. Who shot the dagger in Game 5? Oh, just Joe Johnson.

After Johnson hit a jumper to put the Clippers up 92-87 with 19 seconds left, the camera cut right to Clippers owner Steve Ballmer.

Essentially, the Flyers are going to have to lose someone from that group in the near future. The question is whether or not they can control how they do it, and if they get anything in exchange for it.

What can they do? Dealing a forward to a team that either:

a) needs to find forwards in order to fill its quota of two exposed forwards that have meaningful NHL experience in the past two seasons, or,
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Elite Kids Brendan Shanahan Jersey b) just doesn’t have enough forwards that it really wants to protect

… is something that would make sense for the Flyers. They may not get a ton back in exchange for some of these bottom-of-the-roster kind of guys, but even a mid-round draft pick would be worthwhile given the fact that something is going to have to give here pretty soon.

Of course, this requires a team that wants one of those guys like a Laughton or a Cousins or even one of the protection-worthy guys enough to give up something of value for them. And that’s not a given. But you have to think the Flyers are going to try and make a deal work here, even if it’ll likely just be a minor one.

Some teams will be willing to look past it because of the time that has passed.

We all have lapses in judgment, especially when we’re young. With Mixon, we’re not talking about a youthful indiscretion. We’re talking about a young man punching a woman in the face with such violence that her injuries required eight hours of surgical repair. And it’s impossible to make this a “gotta hear both sides” situation, because we’ve all seen the video.

Some teams will be willing to look past it because of the time that has passed.

“What he did was terrible. It was three years ago,” an NFC executive said. “He got suspended for a year. It’s not like he hasn’t paid a price. Since he did, he’s been fine. It will come down to the owner. I think a lot of owners will be very skeptical doing it. If I was in the 20s I’d take him.”

For other teams, it’s too great of a risk.

“I did a lot of (expletive) when I was 18 that I’m not proud of but I never knocked out a girl,” an AFC executive said. “That’s just such a hot-button issue. I’m hearing too many things. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.”

RB Barry J. Sanders Jr., Oklahoma State: Sanders Jr.’s career started at Stanford, where he rushed for 672 yards and seven touchdowns. Following teammate Christian McCaffrey’s NCAA single-season all-purpose record of 3,496 yards in 2015, Sanders Jr. transferred to Oklahoma State, his father’s alma mater. Ironically, the record McCaffrey broke belonged to the elder Sanders.

Oh, and let’s not forget this run by Sanders Jr. at Stanford that looked eerily similar to a run his father had. The lackluster results from those selections may have dissuaded other teams from taking a chance on Gonzalez earlier. In the past, taking specialists early wasn’t a bold or rare strategy.

In just an eight-year span from 1972 to 1979, there were 15 kickers and punters drafted in the first three rounds, including three taken in the first round.

Instead, Browns gets arguably the best kicker — the second off the board after Jake Elliott of Memphis — at a strong value.

5 weird quirks about the 2017 NFL schedule that you might care about in the fall

Authentic Mens Marcus Sherels Jersey I’m still quivering with excitement over the NFL schedule release. Body in a state of shock … mind racing … palms sweating … shaking. Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration. By now the effect of the league’s great big exciting primetime schedule release show has worn off (I watched the Cavs games instead, tbh). But looking at the schedule this morning, I noticed some oddities, and well, I just HAD to put those in a numbered list!

L.A.’s newest team, the Chargers, will have three games happening at the same time the other L.A. team is playing. In Weeks 2, 14, and 17, the Rams and Chargers both have home games during the 4 p.m. ET window. In Week 17, all four of California’s NFL teams will be in Los Angeles — only one of those teams has never called the city home. The Rams host the 49ers, and the Chargers draw the Raiders that week.

That leaves the Falcons to find a fit early in the 2017 NFL draft. In the SB Nation NFL writers’ mock draft, Dave Choate of the Falcoholic is back to make the pick for Atlanta.

Authentic Mens Joel Bitonio Jersey For the next two rounds, the NFL resumes its tradition of having beloved players with team connections announce picks. Several Hall of Famers are included, but what I’d most like to warn you about is the incredible level of suit game that’s bearing down on you.

Also, no, that is not Washington State head coach Mike Leach. That is long snapper Mike Leach. Head coach Mike Leach is not an incredible dresser.

As a Falcons fan, I’m somewhat upset Morten Andersen is announcing for the detestable New Orleans Saints. He did play there longer, but you know what I mean. Thanks for listening to all this about NFL draft guest announcers, by the way. The list’s up there, if you missed it.

Zane Gonzalez is going to get picked way too early in the 2017 NFL draft

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Lets get one thing out of the way: Zane Gonzalez is a really good kicker. He may even be the top prospect at the position since Sebastian Janikowski. And that means that like Janikowski and Roberto Aguayo, Gonzalez is probably about to be picked laughably early.

It used to be common practice to take a kicker relatively early in the NFL draft. In the 14 drafts between 1986 and 1999, there were nine kickers drafted in the first three rounds, and then the Oakland Raiders topped everybody by taking Janikowski at No. 17 overall in 2000.

Tabors size is ideal for the position, but its his ability to leverage his frame into an advantage by using proper technique that makes the former Gator special. A twitchyplayer in coverage, Tabor has quick feet and the recovery speed necessary to play an aggressive style of defense.

Part of what makes the cornerback such a technician is his mental processing ability — Tabor is a patient player, and he has the closing burst necessary to contest passes at a high level. These traits are what help make Tabor such an excellent press corner – hes content to mirror opponents and let routes develop, but also instinctive to make plays on the ball and agile enough to recover should he guess wrong.
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Tabors 28 passes defensed, eight interceptions and three defensive touchdowns are impressive, but whats even more so is the fact that Tabor manages to play such an aggressive style while maintaining discipline. Tabor wasnt penalized often — he was only flagged six times over the past three seasons, with three of those coming in a single game — and, per Pro Football Focus, only allowed two touchdowns in his three seasons.

the Pacers have the ball down by one with 20 seconds left.

Paul George has four first half triples, helping Indiana keep up with the Cavaliers, who is shooting over 50 percent with seven makes behind the arc.

Elite Kids Kyle Lowry Jersey 20 seconds, fourth quarter: Paul George just hit a 30-foot three to give the Pacers a chance.

After a LeBron James miss, the Pacers have the ball down by one with 20 seconds left. Here. We. Go.

4:53, fourth quarter: Cleveland is still up, but Indiana is hanging around thanks to Lance Stephenson, who has 16 points. Paul George has been quiet as a scorer, but just set up Jeff Teague for a critical three. Cavs 103, Pacers 99.

End of third quarter: Cavaliers lead 92-84 as James continues to absolutely dominate: 26 points, 10-of-13 shooting, 10 assists, five rebounds. The other two of the Big Three have come up big, too, with Kyrie Irving dropping 21 points so far and Kevin Love notching 17 points on seven shots.
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6:08, third quarter: Paul George is incredible ¡ª like, damn. 25 points on 8-of-14 shooting so far in every different way, from pull-up threes in transition to post turnarounds when a smaller defender ended up on him.

Chris Paul can be admonished for many playoff performances, but in this one game, when his team needed him the most, he stepped up. The only problem was that he was the only one who cared to try. Tunsil took items such as the Apple device from this person over a period of time in exchange for a promise of a future financial agreement once Tunsil turned pro, specifics of which are unknown. Tunsil would sit out seven games during the Rebels 2015 campaign in connection to receiving free use of a rental and loaner cars as well as a free airline ticket. As the draft neared, Tunsils circle began to change ¡ª he signed with Sexton shortly after Christmas ¡ª and the would-be business manager was pushed out.