49ers didn鈥檛 see a change in revenue the last time the Raiders left the Bay area

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Brian Galliford at Buffalo Rumblings used some pretty awesome slides to break down how the Jets were able to slow Spiller in Week 3, and concludes that formation monotony and poor execution by the Bills were the major contributing factors:

The first thing worth noting: a lot of Spiller’s runs were packaged play, read-option calls out of very similar alignments, and New York was very clearly ready for those plays. E.J. Manuel made some poor reads in the read-option, Buffalo had plenty of blocking breakdowns against the Jets’ stout front seven, and Spiller wasn’t particularly effective setting up blocks or reading holes, either.

But Lynch noted that it鈥檚 unlikely.
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鈥淏ut the Raiders are a great brand and I think it kind of transcends the location,鈥?Lynch said. 鈥淚’m sure a lot of those people will go down to Vegas and have a good time supporting in the future.”

San Francisco鈥檚 CEO, Jed York, said the 49ers didn鈥檛 see a change in revenue the last time the Raiders left the Bay area, or when the team returned to Oakland. He expects the same this time around.

“The Raiders fans are a unique group,” York said, according to ESPN鈥檚 Nick Wagoner. “I don’t know that they’ve necessarily been loyal to L.A. or to Oakland, I think they have always been loyal to the Raiders. I think you’ll see the Raiders following them wherever they may go, and going to Las Vegas in a few years, I think you’ll see that really take place.鈥?

The one thing that may change for the 49ers鈥?organization is a new focus on philanthropy in the East Bay area. The Raiders currently do a lot of charitable work in that community, and the team鈥檚 departure will be of great consequence to the people there.

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