Norman admitted he started the week paying even closer attention to detail

By Thursday afternoon, Norman was all talked out about Gettleman’s decision to rescind the franchise tag, which made him a free agent in April.

“I¡¯m just beating a dead horse,” Norman said. “You’ll hear about it in the Book of Norman one day.”

Authentic Andrew Tiller Jersey Perhaps a bigger challenge will be keeping Norman’s emotions in check — or not letting them get to the point where he loses focus. But Norman said that won’t be an issue. He said he really didn’t start thinking about this game until this past week, though his family has been talking to him for several weeks about coming to this game.

Glover Quin Elite Jersey “The good thing with Josh is that it doesn’t vary week to week,” Redskins coach Jay Gruden said. “He gets up for everybody. That’s the beauty of him. That’s why he’s such a great player, because he doesn’t discriminate as far as him and his emotions and his level of intensity for game day.”

But Norman admitted he started the week paying even closer attention to detail — and he’s already well-known for his preparation and work habits.

He said he doesn’t know whether emotions ever get the best of him “because now I just let them run wild.”

“God bless her, I love her to death,” Vinatieri said. “She made me understand, ‘This is going to be a challenge for you.’ At that point it was like I can accept this, and I’m never going to amount to anything, and I’m just going to get a B.S. job, and you’re going to be unhappy. Or, hey, you know what, you’re going to work twice as hard, and you’re going to overcome this.”

Now retired, Farrand remembers Adam as an eager and intelligent boy who excelled in math. She found him to be typical of smart kids with learning disabilities; they’re often frustrated by the failure to grasp something they know they should be able to grasp.

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