No other position affected a win total by even half that margin.

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There’s no easy answer when trying to quantify how much of an offense’s production can be credited to the quarterback position. Maybe the best way to see the value of an elite passer is when a team loses one and has to rely on a backup to fill in.

A statistical study by the University of Missouri found that losing a quarterback for four games due to injury or suspension would drop a team’s win total by an average of 1.3 games. No other position affected a win total by even half that margin.
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Not having a great player under center or losing one can crush a team’s chances at the playoffs. The Raiders dealt with 13 straight seasons outside the postseason — cycling through players like JaMarcus Russell, Kerry Collins, and Andrew Walter — before finally finding Carr.

With so much value at quarterback, what percentage of a team’s spending should go toward that position?

But his time with the team was doomed by a foot injury that kept him out for the entire 2003 season. The Giants released Mitrione in 2004 and attempts to keep his NFL career alive with the San Francisco 49ers and Minnesota Vikings fizzled.

One of Khan’s later jobs in college was working with the Illinois highway department. He would travel to companies’ gravel pits and test their gravel. He would place the gravel residue in a shaker tube, give it a shake and twirl, and see how it settled compared to four different markers on the tube. That would determine if the gravel was fit for use.