Packers use Legos to recreate thrilling win over Cowboys

Everything is better in Lego form, just ask the Packers, who used Legos to recreate the best moments from Sunday’s 34-31 win over the Cowboys, that advancedGreen Bay to the NFC Championship.
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People see you as a real smart football mind, but what would you say to those who point out that you’ve never worked in a front office position and might have some trepidations based on that

I would say that I’m eager to earn their trust. I think the feelings that some might have there are natural. I was thinking earlier today, it wasn’t really conventional when I was playing up at Stanford. I went as a quarterback. I was off playing minor league baseball and [former Stanford University and 49ers head coach] Bill Walsh called me up because he had taken the job and I had moved over to safety and begged me to come back for my senior year because he thought I could become a Pro Bowl safety. I thought coach Walsh was crazy at the time, but he convinced me to do it.
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That wasn’t conventional. It wasn’t conventional when early in my career I struggled to get on the field and here I am this weekend as a finalist for the Pro Football Hall of Fame and knocking on that door. So, there’s a lot of things in my life that haven’t been conventional. I think I appreciate that Jed was willing to think outside the box and we just had a number of great conversations and you could feel the momentum building each time that we got together and finally when we actually got together in person and it just felt right. We asked a lot of tough questions. We took ourselves through that exercise. I did because I had to make a decision in a real hurry. I didn’t need the job. I had a really good job at FOX that I was very happy with, but every time we got together I could check another box and I presume Jed could check another box towards maybe this could become a reality, and it did.