Cincinnati’s offense isn’t just bad, it’s on the path to historically terrible.

Only one other team in the last 10 years has finished the first two games of the season without a touchdown: The 2016 Rams that ended the year 4-12 and averaged a league-worst 14 points per game.
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If the Bengals can’t score a touchdown next week against the Green Bay Packers, they’ll join the 1976 Tampa Bay Buccaneers — an infamously awful expansion squad that finished 0-14 — as the only two that couldn’t get in the end zone in the first three games of the year.

The team’s offensive line is horrible, Dalton is struggling, and the Bengals’ most realistic shot at a big play is hurling it up for grabs to A.J. Green, no matter how many guys are covering him.

Two games may be early to throw in the towel, but there isn’t much reason to expect a significant turnaround. Inevitably, the Bengals will have better days in the remainder of 2017 than the first two weeks of September, but finishing the year close to the bottom of the league in scoring look unavoidable.

Game Olivier Vernon Jersey The Saints kicked a field goal after being faced with a fourth-and-8 on the Patriots’ 16-yard line on Sunday. The kick was good, but the Patriots were called for an offsides. So Sean Payton accepted the penalty, giving them a fourth-and-3 on the Pats’ 11.

Payton then sent his offense out on the field, but only to try to draw New England offsides. It didn’t work, but it almost did.

In the end, the Saints took a delay of game, putting themselves in the same scenario as a play before. They still made the kick, and all was fine. While they weren’t able to draw the Patriots offside, it was still good execution by Payton, getting every possible effort from his team in the drive.

Runner up: Adam Gase and the Dolphins successfully freezing kicker Younghoe Koo to win the game.