The Giants are going to have to wait a little while to see one of their new free-agent signings in regular-season action.

The NFL suspended defensive end Josh Mauro on Friday for the first four games of the 2018 season after violating the league’s performance-enhancing drug policy. Mauro just signed a one-year, $880,000 deal with the Giants this week.

Mauro can participate in all offseason and preseason activity, but then must leave the team until Week 5. The Giants were aware of the possible suspension before signing him.

I had 100 percent faith he was gonna be absolutely great at this. I saw it for years. I saw it in production meetings. I saw it at dinner tables. … He had a way of telling a story, an enthusiasm, that if you’re able to get that guy that I saw away from the field, that would be magic on the air. I had, four years ago, a round of golf with my good friend, Al Michaels. We’re playing on the eighth hole, I can still see it. Al said, “What active player right now will one day make a great NFL analyst? I have a guy.” I said, “Well I have a guy, too.” He says, “You first.” I said, “No you first.” This goes back and forth. I finally said: “OK, Tony Romo.” He goes, “That’s my guy!”

“I’m really hopeful that Robby will put this kind of thing behind him and that he will be the kind of person — forget about his playing, he’s an incredible football player, but that he will be the kind of person all-around that will make people proud to wear a No. 11 jersey,” he said.

Johnson said he wants Anderson to be on the team, but would not stand in the way if the coaches wanted to get rid of him.

Donahue, a 2017 draft pick, was arrested last month after causing an accident by driving the wrong way in the Lincoln Tunnel while intoxicated.

“Young men are sometimes young men,” Johnson said. “They make silly mistakes. I’m hopeful that we can be part of helping them become better people.”

Johnson said he was “absolutely” disappointed not to land quarterback Kirk Cousins in free agency, but liked how the Jets rebounded by signing Josh McCown, Teddy Bridgewater and trading up to No. 3 in the draft to potentially take a quarterback.

“We moved very quickly to Plan B and it’s almost a shame to call it Plan B because it’s shaping up to be something pretty magnificent,” Johnson said. “I’m pretty excited about it and we did so swiftly. It doesn’t hurt at all that we now have an awful lot of money that we were thinking we might be sending out the door to one player now back with us and we can spread that out over a lot of other players over the next few years.”jets_035

There’s good news and bad news for the Seattle Seahawks in 2018.

The good news is that the Seahawks still have one of the NFL’s best quarterbacks in Russell Wilson. The bad news is that Wilson may not be enough to stop a slide that started last year, when the team missed the postseason for the first time since 2011.

Seattle’s offensive line is a hot mess, and the run game is inconsistent (at best). That puts the pressure to move the ball squarely on Wilson’s shoulders.

New York answered with four two-out runs in the third. Stanton walked and scored on Didi Gregorius’ double. Neil Walker had an RBI single and Drury followed with a drive to left, his first.

Really good at-bats in that inning, Yankees manager Aaron Boone said. They held us down after that.

Yankees right-hander Sonny Gray allowed one run and seven hits in four-plus innings. He walked three and struck out eight, including four straight during one stretch.

It was a grind for Sonny today, Boone said.

Valera was originally signed as a non-drafted free agent by the Cardinals in 2010.

Mieses hit .247 in 411 career minor league games over five years with the Dodgers organization.

Sunday’s deal fully restores the Dodgers’ 40-man roster.

So, who are our likely culprits Which teams are lurking, waiting to make that move up the board to muck up the mocks The Jets had the decency to make their move early, jumping up from No. 6 to No. 3 a couple of weeks ago by sending three second-round picks to the Colts, but all that did was make things more volatile. If you want a quarterback, it’s clearer than ever that you’re going to need to be prepared to trade up.

This is the most obvious choice. The Bills already moved up from No. 21 to No. 12 in a deal that sent left tackle Cordy Glenn to Cincinnati, and they still hold the No. 22 overall pick. Having two first-rounders gives Buffalo a unique ability to maneuver in the first round, and having unproven options AJ McCarron and Nathan Peterman on the roster gives the team motivation.patriots_032

Rams make it right with Robert Woods

The Rams kept wide receiver Robert Woods from hitting an incentive in Week 17 last season, but they made it up to him this week.

According to Field Yates of ESPN, the Rams restructured Woods’ contract this week to add back $200,019 he didn’t earn last season.

But right-hander John O’Reilly got out of the frame without further damage, and then managed to keep Penn State at bay while Rutgers struggled to score runs, before the run support finally came.

Sitton, a guard who ed the last two years with the Bears and ed with the Packers before that, has agreed to a two-year contract with the Dolphins.

The 31-year-old Sitton went to Miami last night and got a deal done this morning. Although the Bears decided to move on, Sitton has said that he still thinks he’s in his prime.

Makes plays down the field.Right-hander Michael Pineda gets the call after lasting just four innings his most recent start.2002: Rucker transferred to from Colorado State the fall of 2002 as a redshirt freshman linebacker and had to sit out the 2002 because of NCAA transfer rules.that game his footwork and pocket mobility were calm and smooth, perhaps to the point of flawless.with his 2 home. ..had the lowest run support among Cards hurlers at 4 runs game. ..his 1 walks per 9 IP ranked 6th N.L.

For winners located the state of Michigan a 6% sales tax be charged.And why are these grade-schoolers involved such a vaguely gangster-y act?Cozart went through a bit of a slump May, but has rebounded nicely through the first week of June.Offensive coordinator Lashlee has watched the battles involving and offensive lineman Avery against Lawson, the defensive end who also play the new stand-up position.Therefore, they turned to their former first round draft pick, Green.

For a team that has continually fallen short of their lofty goals, is Plan B.But his role was to replace Smith at a cheaper rate and with a little more physicality, and he’s done that.It’s not a level playing field, but we deal with it because we our jobs and are grateful to have them.Matte finish has kind of become popular cars and now I guess it’s popular with helmets.

The signing bonus is $4 million, and he’ll earn a guaranteed base salary of $900,000 in 2018.

He has a $3 million roster bonus due on the third day of the 2019 league year, along with a $1.9 million salary. Of that amount, $1.1 million is guaranteed for injury at signing. It becomes fully guaranteed on the fifth day of the 2019 league year.

The incentive package pays $1 million is he takes 60 percent of the snaps this year, and another $1 million if he takes 75 percent of the snaps. If McCarron takes 75 percent of the snaps, his base for 2019 also escalates by $2.5 million.49ers_070

Kevin Durant: Clint Capela talking trash because of his ‘easy’ role with Rockets

Following Saturday’s 116-108 win over the Warriors, the Rockets’ Clint Capela claimed his team has surpassed the Warriors after beating them twice this season.

“We’re confident because we know if we’re doing what we’re supposed to do, we’re going to beat them … We are better than them,” Capela told

Naturally Capela’s comments didn’t sit well with the Warriors, who sit 3 1/2 games ahead of the Rockets in the Western Conference standings. Kevin Durant, who said after Saturday’s game that the Rockets’ win didn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things, responded to Capela’s claims Monday.

“They should feel confident,” Durant told reporters of the Rockets after practice. “Obviously we’re confident. We feel as though we’re the best team in the league. We can beat anyone as well.”

There are great offensive performances, and then there’s what Maxime Comtois did in his past three games for the Tigres: 12 points on five goals and seven assists. He’s has 47 points in 21 games since Jan. 11 and recently signed his entry-level contract with the Anaheim Ducks (he was drafted No. 50 overall in 2017).

The Montreal Canadiens draftee (No. 25 overall, 2017) scored this incredible goal in the 4-on-4 and then again in overtime to give his team a huge win at North Dakota. He added a third goal of the weekend in a 2-2 tie. St. Cloud State is the top-ranked team in the nation.

The Cavs, who have dropped nine of their last 12 games, tied a franchise record for most points allowed in regulation as they put on a poor defensive performance during Saturday’s loss.

“I’ve never in my basketball life gave up 148 points, not even probably playing video games,” James said. “They got everything that they wanted. Inside, outside — they had it moving. … It’s just a really bad, really bad loss on our part.”

Despite talks of coach Tyronn Lue being in the hot seat, James took responsibility for the team’s slump and emphasized the importance of perseverance going forward.


Posse? First time I heard the word was on Westerns, when the sheriff formed a posse to chase down the stagecoach bandits.

Next? Heard it frequently, but not exclusively, from African-Americans as slang for their buddies, their “crew.” As if Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James don’t know that.

Then the expression mostly dried up, until last week when Phil Jackson was found to have used it as per James & Co.

Didn’t strike me as ill-intended, certainly not racist, but rather as a reach for a hip expression that a few years back had the hipness drained from it.

Smith likes what he has seen of his protégé, but pointed out the challenges he’ll face having not played in a game since preseason.

“On the mental side, he’s obviously watching and mentally observing and [taking] mental reps and things like that,” Smith said. “But throughout the week, limited [practice] reps. So he hasn’t been in live bullets since camp. [Regular-season] practices aren’t like that. So in that sense, it’s been a while.’’

In the scouting world, the importance of fit within a scheme is rarely discussed, but it is critical to the evaluation. Astute coaches and scouts understand that it’s not just about assessing a prospect’s talent, but understanding how to feature the player in a way that highlights his strengths and minimizes his weaknesses.

It made for a hectic weekend, but things seemed to go relatively smoothly. Coaches had more players available for the final round of preseason games and those bottom-of-the-roster players had one final chance to impress. It’s doubtful that changed much, if anything, about the composition of the season-opening rosters, but this new roster-cutting formula seems likely to be retained going forward.

Jets and McCown… The Jets’ handling of McCown during the preseason was a bit baffling. McCown played in only two of the four preseason games and attempted a total of 12 passes. This is with a new team, remember. So he’s had very little work under game-like conditions to familiarize himself with his new offense and teammates, and now the regular season arrives. At least expectations are about as low as possible.

The league could lose two of its biggest stars this offseason if Peyton Manning and Calvin Johnson call it quits.

Good luck with that. It won’t be nearly as easily done as said.

Some within the NFL are eager to move on from the sport’s very public feud with President Trump and return the focus to football this weekend.

Dave Gettleman, New York Giants: The Giants hired the former Carolina Panthers general manager during the final week of the regular season to take over for the fired Jerry Reese. Gettleman, 66, shares deep roots with the Giants, having spent 15 years in New York as a personnel executive from 1998 to 2012. From there, the accomplished talent evaluator was hired as general manager of the Panthers, serving four seasons in Carolina and helping to guide the team to a Super Bowl in 2015.

Brian Gutekunst, Green Bay Packers: The Packers promoted Gutekunst, their former director of player personnel, to the position of GM. Gutekunst is replacing the long time GM Ted Thompson. Earlier this month, Green Bay announced that Thompson was transitioning to the role as senior advisor to football operations.

The Steelers decided not to be on their sideline for the anthem last Sunday in Chicago, only to have offensive tackle and former Army Ranger Alejandro Villaneuva photographed at the front of a tunnel leading to the field, standing alone with his right hand over his heart. The Steelers tried to explain that their decision was not politically motivated. But do they really believe that their approach — two days after Trump used crass language in a speech at a campaign rally in Alabama to urge owners to fire any NFL player who protests by refusing to stand for the anthem — could be separated from politics?

Trump shows no inclination to let this go anytime soon. As he left the White House on Wednesday afternoon for a trip to Indianapolis to talk about tax reform, he stopped on the way to Marine One to answer questions from reporters, including on the NFL.

Maybe Watson studied Wilson playing hurt. He was doing it too.

Olsen and his wife started the foundation in honor of their son, T.J., who was born with a serious congenital heart condition. Olsen is the Panthers’ 2017 Walter Payton Man of the Year, and he’s in the running for the league award. Rivera, and even the staff at Bank of America Stadium, are campaigning for Olsen with shirts, too.

Rivera got his “Riverboat Ron” nickname for his gambles on the football field back in 2013, when he made a dramatic shift from being one of the most conservative coaches in the league to consistently going for it on fourth down instead of punting.

Sherman was impressed that, late in the third quarter, Watson seemed to hurt his ankle or calf, and it didn’t affect how he played the rest of the game. During a TV timeout, Sherman went to Watson and told him, “Hang in there! Ain’t no time to come out of the game!’”

Said Sherman: “My God, Houston’s so lucky. By next year he’s going to be a top-five quarterback in this league, and that includes the two big dogs [Brady and Rodgers]. He makes you dig to the deepest part of your competitive juices to beat him.”

You know the biggest shame of this day? Because the NFL schedules cross-conference games once every four years, barring a Super Bowl meeting, Wilson and Watson won’t face each other again until they play in Houston … in 2021. So keep this game on the DVR. Cue it up on some ugly February or March day. Maybe you’ll yell at the TV the same way you did Sunday.

You could say this for every matchup in here, but a Falcons-Steelers matchup where both teams are playing their best would be loads of fun. Both offenses are capable of being the best in the NFL, and when both defenses are on, they’re tough to beat.

Why are the Raiders so set on Gruden? Gruden has a history in Oakland. He was hired by Oakland for his first head coaching gig back in 1998. He spent four seasons helping the Raiders become competitive again, and they traded Gruden to the Buccaneers for four draft picks after the 2001 season and two consecutive postseason bids.

The decision to trade him away came back to haunt them in January. Oakland made it to Super Bowl XXXVII and lost 48-21 to Gruden’s Buccaneers.

Gruden was fired by the Buccaneers after the 2009 season, and he was hired by ESPN that May to serve as a color commentator for Monday Night Football. His salary was reported to be more than $6.5 million per year back in 2015. His name still is in the mix every year when NFL head coaching jobs open up, but he’s seemed content to stay in the booth. This time seems different, though.

Jerry Jones’ grandson wins one of best Texas state championships ever

Jerry Jones already has his eye on the Cowboys’ quarterback of the future, he’ll just have to wait about three years before he can draft him.

The grandson of the Cowboys’ owner, John Stephen Jones, who is yet uncommitted to college, won his second straight 5A Division I state title Friday in one of the best games in the history of Texas high school football.

Martin’s final pass was complete to Jalen Preston on the one-yard line, but the star receiver was dragged down by two defenders to end one of the greatest high school football games in Texas history. This video is via VYPE Houston.

“He’s magic,” Highland Park head coach Randy Allen said of John Stephen Jones via Fox Sports Southwest. “I’ve been saying this all along, he can escape, he’s a leader, he competes, he finds the players … the open receivers, he makes runs when he has to, but the bottom line he competes and he’s magic.”

Former Rams coach Jeff Fisher is a year removed from the team after he was fired 13 games into his fifth season, but he still wants credit for the franchise’s recent success.

The Rams ended the 2016 season with a 4-12 record, but under first-year head coach Sean McVay, the Rams are 10-4 this season and can seal their first division title since 2003 with a win at the Titans on Sunday.

In an appearance on The Midday 180 radio show in Nashville, Fisher said he left them in “pretty good shape.”

What was even crazier was how the game ended. Manvel had one last chance to win the game on a desperation heave with no time left on the clock. Quarterback Kason Martin threw for 483 yards and five touchdowns in the state title game, but he wished he would have thrown for 484.

Pederson figures to be protective of some of his other offensive assets, as well, including fantasy stalwarts wide receiver Alshon Jeffery and tight end Zach Ertz.

It does create a fine line the Lightning must toe.NOTE: This tutorial assumes you already Two years ago, I donated birthday to charity: water and this morning I was greeted with news that the funds raised have been used to build a new fresh water well the village of Gaday Ethiopia.This is not why I came to Calgary, to be the to trade Jarome Iginla, Feaster said.Since 1957, the Lions’ last NFL championship, the Red , Pistons and Tigers have managed to dig themselves out of terrible situations to become some of the most well-respected teams their sport.Match up the way that he can match up, that’s a bonus.


The Dallas defense couldn’t stop anything.

Hopefully your Thanksgiving was better than the one the Cowboys had in their 28-6 loss to the Chargers. Whatever slim playoff hopes they were clinging to are gone, swallowed up by the Chargers offensive attack.

As for the Chargers, they’re playoff hopes are very much alive. The win puts them at 5-6 on the season, hovering just outside the AFC wildcard spot.

You’ve got to learn how to play with the guys that are on the ice.If Republicans block- Medicaid, it would permanently cap funding at a much-reduced level, and could also kill treatment.The Chiefs are smart to do this now as it gives both veterans a to catch on to another roster before final cuts and the starts.Vadim Bogdanov of Utmost Realty has the listing.Reddick, however, does provide defense and good base-running.Hageman is still developing but his freakish tools and the fact he is able to fire off of the ball and play, he projects as a first round pick and has excellent opportunity to be the first defensive tackle off the board.

This unit allowed just 10 sacks over the Cowboys’ first eight games. Prescott has been sacked 14 times in the team’s three-game skid.

That pressure has kept the Cowboys from the end zone. The Cowboys have been able to score on only 33.3 percent of their trips to the red zone over their last three games. That’s a significantly lower rate than their 61.6 conversion rate in the red zone all year. And the Cowboys’ inability to score leaves them consistently playing from behind.

Killebrew was known for his quick hands and exceptional upper-body strength, demonstrated by several tape measure home runs that he hit the prime of his career.We’re going to work really hard this offseason to make sure that we make that spot really competitive again.Week 15 of the NFL , the New England Patriots wrapped up another AFC Division title and the Washington Redskins came up small on Monday Night Football.It was such a warm welcoming that I didn’t have to do anything.He pointed to 12 missed PATs on Nov.He had 81 from 2002, 13 more than ‘s 67.

Shohei Ohtani has decided he’s on the side of the Angels.

The Japanese two-way star announced Friday he will sign with the Los Angeles Angels, ending the sweepstakes surrounding his move to the majors in a surprising decision.

Ohtani, who intends to be both a starting pitcher and an everyday power hitter, turned down interest from every other big-league club to join two-time MVP Mike Trout and slugger Albert Pujols with the Angels, who are coming off their second consecutive losing season and haven’t won a playoff game since 2009.

Shortly after the World Series ended, the Angels secured a five-year, $106 million deal with Upton, their late-season trade acquisition. The veteran slugger is an ideal solution after years of underperformance in left field for the club.

Their Monday opponents, the Houston Rockets, are tough on opposing backcourts, allowing the tenth- and eighth-fewest fantasy points to opposing point guards and shooting guards, respectively. Still, in a game that the Pelicans will need to score in bunches to keep the Rockets in sight, I look for them to continue to get production from Holiday. In an all-or-nothing kind of way, Rondo also makes for an admittedly risky play on Monday, as well, especially in light of his long-running rivalry with Chris Paul.

As difficult as that sounds, nothing is impossible in an unpredictable league from season to season, week to week. As bad as things have seemed of late for Jerry Jones, Jason Garrett and Dak Prescott, the Cowboys do have the advantage of an ace in the hole for later: running back Ezekiel Elliott.

Elliott won’t return from his six-game suspension until Week 16 against the Seahawks. Dallas needs to dig deep and find a way to win out, first and foremost, but the remaining schedule before (at Giants, at Raiders) and after Elliott’s return provides a sliver of hope.eagles_036_7d21b9ec06d6b23f-180x180